Gransden 2020 Vision: Great Gransden's Neighbourhood Plan

Your input is important for the success of the Neighbourhood Plan. It will help to define a shared vision of our village’s character and sustainable development for the future.
The Plan will sit alongside the local planning authority’s Local Plan and both will be used in deciding planning applications. This survey is different from the recent housing needs survey, relevant points of which will be included in the Plan. This Plan is not just about buildings, your views are needed on: the most valuable natural/wild spaces, the most unique/defining/neglected or disappointing features, your favourite walks, the things you would most like to preserve/improve/increase etc.

Neighbourhood Plans are a Government initiative. Ours is supported by Huntingdon District Council and Great Gransden Parish Council. Work to collect and collate information and views is being undertaken by a steering group of volunteer residents, including some Parish Councillors, who will be available to hear your views at village events. Neighbourhood planning gives communities direct power to choose where they want new homes, shops and offices to be built, have their say on what those new buildings should look like and what infrastructure should be provided, and grant planning permission for the new buildings they want to see go ahead. Neighbourhood planning helps local people to ensure that they get the right types of development for their community, where the ambition of the neighbourhood is aligned with the strategic needs and priorities of the wider local area.

If you are also willing to be involved and take on a role to move the project forward, please contact us! Email

May 2021 Steering group meeting

posted 12 May 2021, 09:35 by N Day   [ updated 12 May 2021, 09:36 ]

There is a meeting of the steering group on Wednesday 12th; the agenda and instructions on how to join the meeing via Zoom are on the Parish Council website.

Agenda for the March 2021 meeting

posted 30 Mar 2021, 03:45 by N Day   [ updated 30 Mar 2021, 04:26 ]

There is a Great Gransden Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group Meeting on

Wednesday 31 March 2021 7-9 pm via Zoom

sign in using
  • Meeting ID: 975 1548 6810,
    Passcode: 403395;
...or the following link:


1. Apologies.

2. Declarations of Interest in the agenda of the meeting.

3. Minutes of previous meeting of 24 February for approval.

4. Open forum - 15 minutes for members of the public to ask questions.

5. Update on actions from previous minutes.
  • Renewable Heating Project - JK.
  • Facebook postings - DW.
  • Local Green Spaces - DWP
  • Sand Road Industrial Estate ownership.
  • Village boundary - DWP.
  • County Broadband - JB.
6. NDP document -  DWP.
  • Community action plans.
  • Views.
  • Other work to complete.
7. Consultation -  DWP.
  • Societies Fair.
  • Landowners.
  • Employers/businesses.
  • Parish Council.
8. Next Meeting.

9. AOB.

Sections 3 and 4 now online!

posted 24 Mar 2021, 12:06 by N Day   [ updated 24 Mar 2021, 12:07 ]

Work on the neighbourhood plan is progressing nicely, and the next two sections are now loaded up onto the website:
  • Section 3 lists the key issues that have been identified through community engagements, and that we are trying to address with the plan.
  • Section 4 expresses an overall vision for Great Gransden into the future, and then defines the objectives that need to be covered by the plan, grouped by theme.
You can access these using the links above, via the links in the sidebar or the menu bar at the top of this page, or via the Neighbourhood Plan page - which also lists the sections available so far and those still to come.

As ever, please give us some feedback! Email your comments to, or put them on our Facebook page:

Minutes for the February 2021 meeting

posted 20 Feb 2021, 07:05 by N Day   [ updated 2 Apr 2021, 04:05 ]

The February steering group meeting was on Wednesday, February 24; the agenda was posted on the PC website, along with joining instructions for the Zoom meeting. Here's a copy of the meeting (draft until approved at the March meeting):

Present: David Prest (Chair) DWP, Anne Constantine (Sec.) AC, Nigel Day ND, Jonathan Bonnett JB, Stephanie Beaumont SB, Martin Davies MD, Andrew Pett AP

1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Fiona Coulson and Jostein Kristensen

2. Declarations of Interest
in the agenda of the meeting

AC declared an official interest as Chair of the Reading Room Committee in the County Broadband item to be discussed under AOB as CB offers free broadband to village halls as part of installation projects to households in rural villages. MD and SB also declared this interest as Trustees of the Reading Room.

3. Minutes of previous meeting of 13 January

The minutes were approved as a correct record.

4. Open forum

There was no attendance at Open Forum

5. Update on actions from previous minutes
  • Renewable Heating Project
JK has confirmed that he will complete the GSHP tasks at the weekend.
  • Facebook postings
The suggestions were circulated by DWP

Action: All to volunteer to lead on one of the ideas and submit postings to Elaine Boyd. ALL

Action: DWP to send the 2019 village quiz to JB

6. Local Green Spaces

DWP requested more justification for the proposed LGSs. It was felt that the Riddy was the only one that was rather light on justification. Two other sites were mentioned but these cannot be included until the landowners have been consulted and have agreed. In some cases there was insufficient evidenced public support. If members feel strongly about other sites, they need to email their support and justification to DWP. The corner of Fox Street and West Street was felt to justify inclusion.

Action: Emails to DWP about other sites that justify inclusion as LGSs with evidence. ALL

7. Village boundary

DWP explained a new proposal for developing a new village boundary. The two industrial estates will be outside the boundary unless HDC insists otherwise. Ownership of Sand Road Industrial Estate still not known.
Action: All to endeavour to find this out from friends etc. ALL

Action: DWP, ND, AC to meet again to finalise the proposal and the map and initiate conversations with owners of certain properties on the boundary.

8. NDP document

Sections still to complete are: Local Green Spaces; village boundary, a separate extract from the policies of the community action plans in a table; photographs, formatting. Does there need to be more on Views?

Action: ND to complete the formatting.

9. Consultation

The Societies Fair should be feasible in late June/early July. It was agreed that it should be outside as far as possible and could therefore take place at the Reading Room.

Action: Provisional bookings to be made for the Reading Room and the village marquee SB

Confirmed that the dates of 26 June and 3 July have been provisionally booked.

Action: ND to put the supporting documents on the website.

10. AOB
  • County Broadband
JB briefed the group on his discussion with CB and advised that it was worth looking into further. Key questions are: to what extent would customers be locked in and the rental costs.

Action: JB, ND and DWP to organise a forum discussion with CB.

11. Next Meeting: Wednesday 31 March via Zoom

Two sections of the plan online (but still in draft!)

posted 3 Feb 2021, 03:06 by N Day   [ updated 3 Feb 2021, 03:07 ]

Good progress is being made with drafting the Neighbourhood Plan. We would like to share sections with you so that you can see how it is developing and most importantly to get any comments and feedback. The first sections are the Introduction and the Neighbourhood Plan Area. These set the scene for the Plan, giving an overview of Great Gransden today.  Do you think that these describe Great Gransden well? Is there anything missing that should be included?

All comments are welcome, please email

The GG NDP on Facebook!

posted 13 Jan 2021, 11:18 by N Day   [ updated 13 Jan 2021, 11:19 ]

The steering group has now (with EB's help) set up a FaceBook page. Visit, like it and follow it!

Presentation to the Parish Council, September 2020

posted 13 Jan 2021, 10:36 by N Day   [ updated 13 Jan 2021, 10:37 ]

David Prest, the chairman of the Steering Group working on the NDP for Great Gransden, gave a presentation to the Parish Council last September. A copy of the slides is now available on this website, in PDF format.

SuperFast Broadband in Great Gransden?

posted 24 Feb 2020, 01:20 by N Day

Feedback to the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) consultation indicates that low and unreliable broadband speed is a common problem in Great Gransden. Significant improvements could be achieved with the implementation of full fibre broadband and so the Steering Group for the Great Gransden NDP is examining the setting up of a Community Fibre Partnership with the aim to offer everyone in the village the opportunity to access to SuperFast Fibre broadband in their home or business.

What is a Community Fibre Partnership?

Full fibre broadband connections offer the fastest and most reliable speeds available, and the government is committed to a vision of a full fibre Britain. As part of this commitment in March 2018, they announced a £67m Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. Additionally, from May this year, premises in harder-to-reach places in the UK are eligible for extra funding under the Rural Communities scheme.

Community Fibre Partnerships are when two or more residents and/or Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) get together to combine Broadband Vouchers towards the shared cost of installation. Rural premises with broadband speeds of less than 30Mbps can access vouchers worth up to £3,500 for each SME and up to £1,500 per residential premise; for those with 30Mbs already, the figures reduce to £1,500 for a business, and £500 for a home.

Great Gransden NDP Steering Group has registered for a Community Fibre Partnership to extend the potential benefit across all residents in the village. The more homes and business we involve in the Partnership, the more can be contributed to the installation cost to each premise from the Voucher Scheme.

The first step is for us to provide Openreach with a list of addresses that would like to be included in the scheme. If you would like to be involved, the information we need from you to register your interest is: Name, Postcode, Address, Landline Number, and whether you are an SME or residential property.

There is no financial obligation or commitment at this stage.

How are Openreach involved?

Openreach work with local communities to build a customised fibre solution to bring fibre broadband to homes and businesses, and this would determine the expected achievable download speeds. They put a joint funding arrangement in place, which means they contribute some of the costs and our Community Fibre Partnership funds the rest.

They will build the most affordable solution to meet our need and will advise on other grants we might be able to access from local authorities or the Government.

There is no requirement for residents to switch broadband provider.

What would be the costs?

Once we have registered the interest of everyone who would like to be involved, Openreach will calculate the costs involved in getting better broadband to these premises, and assist with the application for vouchers. The cost to each resident and business can only be confirmed after this stage is completed and it would be split across all participants.

Next steps

If you would like to join the Partnership, or have any questions, please email your details (see above) to and state whether you would like to be kept informed on progress. Please reply before March 31st. Your details will be kept only in relation to this initiative.

Draft Vision statement

posted 8 May 2019, 10:30 by N Day

The vision statement encapsulates the views of the NDP steering group as to the principles that should be encapsulated in the NDP. It is still being refined, but he draft as of April 2019 can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Public Consultation on the NDP

posted 20 Dec 2018, 03:27 by N Day   [ updated 20 Dec 2018, 03:27 ]

The steering group for the Great Gransden Neighbourhood Development Plan are holding a public consultation on Friday 18th January 2019. It will be held in the School Hall, from 5pm – 8pm.

The purpose is to let you find out what has been happening so far, and to give us your views!
All are welcome.

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