4 - Cherished views of Great Gransden and the surrounding countryside

DRAFT VERSION - last revised 20 May 2021. The full Character Assessment (of which this page forms part) is also available in PDF form. The sections of the character assessment are:
  1. Introduction 
  2. The Parish of Great Gransden 
  3. The Village of Great Gransden 
  4. Cherished views of Great Gransden and the surrounding countryside (this section)
  5. Directory of listed buildings 
  6. Social Hubs 
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Great Gransden enjoys many beautiful views within the village, especially the settings of the many heritage buildings. Also views into the surrounding countryside, and views of the village from surrounding roads and footpaths. Among these, there are many individual favourites, but some of the most mentioned include:
  • the view of the Great Gransden Postmill from Sand Road, across the valley of Mandene Brook
  • an open view across Gransden Brook Valley to the north when travelling along Waresley Road towards the village
  • the green arc-shaped corridor along the valley of Gransden Brook. This provides important visual amenity linking to the SSSI of Gransden Wood, in addition to being an important contributor to biodiversity
  • the view from the Riddy (a public right of way) into the adjacent fields, which are rich in biodiversity and marked by ancient agricultural practices on one side and open countryside to the other
  • the view from the hay field of Gransden Wood to the south and Gransden Hall to the north
  • the view from Little Gransden Lane, looking cross to St Bartholomew’s Church, Rectory Farm, Rippington Manor and the Dole field
  • views of St Bartholomew’s Church on all sides, set in the original village graveyard which features two striking lime trees each around 50 metres tall
  • the view from the roundabout has many historic buildings and features in all directions. Church Street to the north-east, Middle Street to the north and Crow Tree Street to the west.