5 - Directory of listed buildings

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Source: National Heritage List for England (NHLE). Downloaded search 27 Nov 2020 from Historic England website: https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/.

Names are as per their listing in the NHLE (names and numbering shown in brackets are as used on the properties today or formerly, where this differs from the NHLE listing entry).

Map 5 shows the location of listed buildings in the Parish:
map of whole parish with listed buildings, together with an indication of the area covered by detailed map
map 5: locations of listed buildings in the parish, together with an indication of the area covered by map 2. Click on the map to see a larger version.

Scheduled Monuments are designated under the Ancient Monuments Act 1953 (as updated by the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979). All are considered to be of national importance. There is only one designated Scheduled Monument in Great Gransden:
  • Great Gransden Windmill, Mill Road (also a Grade II* Listed Building – Post Mill) (also known as Gransden Windmill or Gransden Mill). It was originally designated in 1954.
Grade I Listed Buildings are those that are considered exceptional in their architectural and/or historic merit; they account for less than 5% of all Listed Buildings. There is only one Grade I Listed Building in Great Gransden.
  • St Bartholomew’s Parish Church, Church Street.
Grade II* Listed Buildings are those that have superior quality to normal Grade II buildings and therefore require a greater consideration with respect to their preservation and alteration. There are four Grade II* Listed Buildings in Great Gransden:
  • Rippington Manor (16 Church Street)
  • Barn to East of Old Barn Farmhouse, Meadow Road
  • Post Mill, Mill Road (also designated as a Scheduled Monument - Great Gransden Windmill)
  • Marley’s Cottage (24 Middle Street)
Grade II Listed Buildings are buildings that are considered of special architectural/historic interest, which require every effort being made to preserve them. There are 55 Grade II Listed Buildings in Great Gransden (shown in table below). Of these Grade II Listed Buildings, 47 lie inside the Conservation Area and 8 outside. In Great Gransden overall, 50 of all Grades of the Listed Buildings lie inside the Conservation Area and 10 outside. They are listed in the table by their street location.

List of listed buildings inside Conservation Area (50 sites)

Meadow Road

  • Old Barn Farmhouse (1 Meadow Road) (formerly known as Safford's Farm). Grade II.
  • Barn to East of Old Barn Farmhouse, Meadow Road. (Grade II*)
  • Gransden Hall, (3 Meadow Road). Grade II.
  • Elm Cottage (33 Meadow Road). Grade II.

West Street/Manor Lane

  • Crown and Cushion Public House, (2) West Street. Grade II.
  • The Old Meeting House, 20 West Street. Grade II.
  • Old Cottage, 22 West Street. Grade II.
  • Manor Cottage, 46 West Street and 48 West Street (48 formerly known as Mannock Manor Farmhouse). Grade II.
  • Orchard Dene (now Manor House), 10 Manor Lane. Grade II.

Crowtree Street

  • White Cottage, 6 Crowtree Street. Grade II.
  • Dancer’s Cottage (8 Crowtree Street). Grade II.
  • Gransden Cottage and the Granary (known as No. 9 Crowtree Street, The Granary). Grade II.
  • 11, 13 and 15 Crowtree Street (known as The Cottages Nos. 11-15 Crowtree Street). Grade II.
  • 24 Crowtree Street (known as Old Tailor’s House). Grade II.

Middle Street/Little Lane

  • 3 Middle Street. Grade II.
  • K6 Telephone Kiosk. Grade II.
  • 16 and 18 Middle Street. (No. 16 formerly known as Rose Cottage; No. 18 formerly known as Marigolds). Grade II.
  • 19 Middle Street (known as Rose Farm). Grade II.
  • Birchers, 23 Middle Street. Grade II.
  • Marley’s Cottage, 24 Middle Street. (Grade II*)
  • 26 Middle Street (known as Apple Tree Cottage). Grade II.
  • 6 Little Lane (known as The School House). Grade II.

Mill Road

  • 1 Mill Road (known as Ingles Cottage). Grade II.
  • 3 Mill Road (Doctor’s Surgery, now known as Mon Abri) and 5 Mill Road (formerly called Mandene). Grade II.

Little Gransden Lane/Sand Path

  • 2 Little Gransden Lane (known as Horseshoes Cottage). Grade II.
  • 9 Little Gransden Lane (known as Brook Cottage; formerly known as Brookside Cottage). Grade II.
  • Hayfield Cottage. (22 Little Gransden Lane). Grade II.
  • Wood Cottage. (24 Little Gransden Lane). Grade II.
  • Jaykins. (26 Little Gransden Lane). Grade II.

Fox Street

  • Bydawy (mis-spelt in listing); (formerly known as Bydawyl; now known as Fox Cottage, 3 Fox Street). Grade II.
  • The Reading Room and No.18 Garnett Cottage, Fox Street. Grade II.
  • Magpie Cottage, 19 Fox Street. Grade II.
  • The Old Fox (25 Fox Street). Grade II.

East Street/Caxton Road

  • 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 East Street. (Nos. 2, 3 and 5 are combined and is now No. 5 known as Plough Cottages; No. 7 is now No. 9 and known as Audley Cottage). Grade II.
  • Audley House, 11 East Street. Grade II.
  • Home Farmhouse, 10 East Street. Grade II.
  • The Plough Public House with attached stables and hayloft, (2) Caxton Road (now known as “The Old Plough”). Grade II.

Church Street

  • Stone House (2 Church Street). Grade II.
  • Rectory Farmhouse (formerly known as College Farmhouse) and attached stable range. Grade II.
  • Boundary wall to N of Rectory Farmhouse. Grade II.
  • Boundary Wall to Vicarage garden. Grade II.
  • The Vicarage (known as The Old Vicarage, 6 Church Street). Grade II.
  • Churchyard cross remains to N of N Porch of St Bartholomew’s Church. Grade II.
  • 13 Church Street (known as Farthings Cottage). Grade II.
  • Old Dixies, 15 Church Street. Grade II.
  • Rippington Manor Barn to SW. Grade II.
  • Garden walls to Rippington Manor House. Grade II.
  • Rippington Manor, (16) Church Street. (Grade II*)
  • St Bartholomew’s Parish Church, Church Street. (Grade 1)

Sand Road

  • Providence Baptist Chapel. Grade II.

List of listed buildings outside Conservation Area (10 sites)

West Street/Manor Lane

  • 5 West Street. Grade II.

B1040 road from Waresley to Eltisley

  • Milestone, B1040. Grade II. (SW of North Farm)
  • Milestone, B1040. Grade II. (SW of Meadow Road junction).
  • Moor Farmhouse . Grade II.
  • Barn to N of Moor Farmhouse. Grade II.
  • North Farmhouse. Grade II.
  • Barn to North Farmhouse with attached stables and granary. Grade II.

North of village

  • Barn to E of Leycourt Farmhouse. Grade II.
  • Barn to N of Hardwicke Farmhouse and attached stables. Grade II.

Mill Road

  • Post Mill. (Grade II*) (also designated as a Scheduled Monument - Great Gransden Windmill)