1 - Introduction

DRAFT VERSION - last revised 30 January 2021. This section of the plan is also available in PDF form.

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1.1 The Neighbourhood Plan

This document is the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) for the Great Gransden Plan area for the period 2021 to 2036. The purpose of the NP is to set a framework for future development in the plan area. Once made, the NP will carry the same legal weight as Local Plans drawn up by Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC). The Great Gransden NP will sit alongside the adopted HDC Local Plan and together they will provide the statutory development plan for the parish of Great Gransden. The planners must follow what is in the NP when making decisions about planning applications in the area subject to other material considerations.
The work on the Great Gransden NP has been led by the NP steering group which was set up by the Parish Council (PC), comprising a mixture of local residents and parish councillors. Work on the plan started in March 2018.

1.2 Consultation

The Great Gransden NP steering group have consulted parishioners and other stakeholders and have drafted this Neighbourhood Plan which covers the entirety of the parish.

Following a six-week period of formal consultation (“Reg 14 Consultation”) on this plan with residents, community stakeholders and statutory consultees, we will amend this plan in light of comments received and submit it to Huntingdonshire District Council who will then undertake a further period of consultation (the publication stage) before appointing an independent examiner. Subject to a successful examination, this plan will then proceed to a parish-wide referendum.

The original intention was to complete the NP and take to referendum in 2020. Restrictions due to Covid 19 caused significant delay, with the NP being complete in 2021.

1.3 Basic Conditions for Neighbourhood Development Plans

There are certain requirements, referred to as basic conditions which all Neighbourhood Plans are tested against at examination: The planning policies in the plan will need to:
  • be in broad conformity with the strategic policies of the HDC 2019 Local Plan;
  • contribute towards the achievement of sustainable development;
  • be appropriate having regard to national policy and guidance (e.g. the National Planning Policy Framework 2019); and,
  • be in accordance with environmental and human rights legislation.
In the preparation of this NP we have had to ensure compliance with these requirements.

1.4 A Small Settlement

The Local Plan currently in force in Huntingdonshire is the 2019 Local Plan, adopted May 2019 (LP 4.101). In this plan, Great Gransden has been designated a Small Settlement. This means the settlement is relatively low in the district-wide settlement strategy and, compared to other settlements in the district, will receive relatively low housing growth. The towns of Huntingdon, St Neots and St Ives, the villages of Ramsey and Bury, Brampton, Buckden, Fenstanton, Godmanchester, Kimbolton, Little Paxton, Sawtry, Somersham, Warboys and Yaxley are all higher in the district-wide settlement hierarchy. Huntingdonshire’s policy for Small Settlements requires any housing proposal to demonstrate sustainability in relation to both the level of service and infrastructure provision within the settlement, and opportunities for users of the proposed development to access everyday services and facilities by sustainable modes of travel including walking, cycling and public transport.

As a small settlement, the village of Great Gransden has no formal allocation for new housing in the Local Plan. The village will however be expected to make a contribution to the Local Plan requirements for unallocated sites. In 2019, HDC advised the NP steering group that the housing requirement figure for the designated Great Gransden NP area is between 49 and 70 new dwellings to be delivered during the period 2011 to 2036, depending on the level of developments in the Service Centres.
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